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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Upcycled Pack-n-Play

In the world of Stay at home mom, I seek anything that makes life easier. For instance, a friend of mine told me that she used her pack-n-play not only to house the baby when she needs to jump in the shower but also as a place to shove her clean clothes until she has time to put them all away.

Brilliant right?! So I then thought "What else in my life can I do to make my life simpler? What can I add to my daily tricks that will free up my time to spend on things more important than sorting socks?"
And I decided that Tardy Slips are next. Not the kind that earn you trouble or detention. No, these are Forgiveness Tardy Slips(FTS). These slips don't mean that I do not have to or I am not going to perform the task. It just means that I am giving myself a pass to do these tasks later than socially acceptable. Also it means that I hope my fellow Moms will understand why you're getting a thank you card from a gift you gave me 17 months ago.
I am giving myself a FTS for the following things:
- never sending out birth annoucements for my 2nd born
- never sending out thank you cards from my baby showers
- buying materials to make gifts for people and not only not making the gift but never giving a gift in its place
- neglecting to re-caulk my master bathtub
- letting my 3 year old wear 12-24 month socks as short socks since they don't fit properly
- continuing to wear maternity clothes even though I am 12 months postpartum
- only printing out pictures of my family of 4 when I feel guilty and get free prints
- putting things that are not dishes in the dishwasher before company comes so my kitchen appears clean
- wearing the same outfit for 3 consecutive events because I can't find my other good outfit in the pack-n-play
- being the queen of good intentions while also being the queen of forgotten promises
- mopping

There's my dirty laundry- both literally and figuratively. Hope it makes you feel better and you feel good about making your list of FTS! And who would rather clean, craft, or be responsible when you've got these three to spend time with?!