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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dinosaurs- the Ice Age

Here is our latest fun activity- dinosaurs and ice :D

I put 6 of our plastic dinos from Target in one side of the ice tray. On the other side I put dyed ice- put one drop of food coloring in the ice tray and fill with water.

We used this at bath time and the following day we played with them on the water table. He loved it!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy 4th Anniversary!

The hubs and I just celebrated our 4th anniversary.
According to tradition the gift should be flowers or fruit.
List of Anniversary Gifts

Here's my attempt to bring tradition full circle on a budget of $20.

I purchased:
- $2.50 Strawberries
- $1.99 Grapes
- $4.99 A bottle of Riesling
- $1.98 2 Granny Smith apples
- $.70 1 can sweetened condensed milk- which will be cooked into caramel
- $2.59 1 package of white chocolate bark
- $4 4 balloons
- $.76 4 printed pictures: wedding, 1st anniversary, 2nd anniversary and 3rd anniversary

I put the sweetened condensed milk in the crock pot to make the caramel sauce for our apples:
Crock Pot Caramel

Then I heated the white chocolate bark on the stove on  LOW. Make sure its low or the chocolate will burn. Dip the strawberries in the chocolate and allow to cool on wax paper.
White Chocolate Strawberries

Finally I took the pictures I printed and on the back of each I put at least 10 memories from that year.
I punched a hole in the picture and tied each one to a balloon that I put over our bed.
Anniversary Balloons

I packed the fruit and the wine in a picnic basket and we went back to the park we were married in and had a dessert picnic.

Other than having our park time during a tropical storm it was perfect! Since my friend babysat for us to enjoy the night free of charge I was able to complete this for $19.51!

Dinosaur Dig!

My Inspiration:

Here are a few pictures from our dinosaur dig! 
This fun craft was less than $5 and so much fun!!!

I purchased the dinosuars from Target for $1
Next, 2 boxes of lime jello at 60 cents each
Toothbrush in a pack from the dollar store- so about 25 cents

Put the dinosaurs in the jello and let sit overnight. This is how it looked the next morning:

So we took it outside and plopped them down in one bin, and put water in the other side.

Then you let them loose! Coop loved it- all the squishy and then the water.

He wanted to clean the dinosaurs off so I took a toothbrush and let him at it. He loved the brush and scrubbing them clean.

And that's how we hunt dinosaurs in this house :D