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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Habits of Highly Efficient Moms

I have been searching the web to find ways to make my life easier. Tips from other moms on how they still make time for the fun of life without sacrificing a somewhat clean home. Here are a few of the tips I have gleaned from my research:

  • Do one load of laundry a day- start to finish. Instead of doing all your laundry on one day, do a load as you have it. Wash, dry, fold and put away. This way there are not 3 baskets of clean clothes sitting around. 
    • I started doing this about a month ago. Sometimes I do more than one load if I feel up to it but I don't let it sit in the basket for days before folding or putting it away. It has helped me to keep the mess to a minimum.

  • Purge your bags.
    • On either Friday or Sunday night I purge my bags. I clean out my purse, the diaper bag, the car. I take everything that has accumulated in all the wrong places and put it back where it goes. Then I restock all the necessities- diapers, wipes, snacks, chap stick, etc. First go round it took about 30 minutes to complete the task. Now I can get all those clutter catchers done in 10 minutes or less. 

  • Plan your meals out and do your shopping only once a week. 
    • I modified this tip. I am trying to get a stock of food built up so every week I don't have to buy tons of groceries if I don't have the time or the funds. I go get what we need for our meals, what we need for the week. Then I take the coupons, the deals and stock up. Last week it was drinks. The week before cereal. That way I can build up the reserves when I have time but I am not strapped to keep everything under budget. So far this has been great- especially with a new baby coming. 

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