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Friday, March 1, 2013

10 Can't Miss Photos to take Each Month- Southern Style

So I came across this list a few years ago and I was so excited! The 10 pictures I need to take every month!
10 Can't-Miss Photos to take Each Month
Once I started reading the list I decided it was not going to fit this Florida Mom's life- pictures of people sledding? How's that going to work???

That's when I decided to modify the list- for those of us who enjoy the beach year round :D

10 Can't Miss Photos to take Each Month- Southern Style


  1. Playing inside
  2. Firsts for the new year: new outfits, family dinner, book you read
  3. Your kids bundled up to go out in the cold the one cold day we have
  4. Snuggling
  5. Bowls of soup, hot chocolate- anything to give the illusion that its winter
  6. Family taking down the holiday decorations
  7. A day at the beach- why not rub it in to those that are taking pictures "sledding" or "snowmen"?
  8. A stack of all the winter clothes you have worn 5 times in the last 3 years
  9. Playing in the rain
  10. All the toys the kids got during the holidays that they are now bored with

  1. Kids in PJs
  2. Favorite Gadgets
  3. Loved ones
  4. Romantic night out
  5. Valentine's You Receive
  6. Super Bowl Party
  7. A day at the beach
  8. Mardi Gras celebrations
  9. Kids making Valentine's for school- or kids watching TV and parents doing them :D
  10. Valentine's Day treats

  1. Kites flying
  2. Exercising- or people at the park exercising while you eat your ice cream on the park bench
  3. March Madness events- brackets, gatherings, fans
  4. Dr. Seuss books, costumes, etc.
  5. A day at the beach
  6. Working in the yard
  7. Signs on spring (could fall under February)
  8. St. Patrick's Day festivities
  9. Your car
  10. Your pedicure

  1. Rainbows
  2. Easter celebrations (could fall under March)
  3. Egg hunt
  4. New Easter outfit
  5. Decorating the eggs, hiding, etc.
  6. A picture at the beach!
  7. Umbrellas & Rain boots
  8. Flowers
  9. Your bracket from March Madness that did not do well...
  10. Any April Fool's jokes you decide to play on family, friends, co-workers

  1. BBQ's
  2. Grandmother's hands
  3. Mother's Day photos
  4. Cinco de Mayo fun
  5. Cemeteries decorated for Memorial Day
  6. Kentucky Derby nonsense
  7. A day at the beach
  8. Memorial Day festivities- fireworks, food, parade, etc.
  9. Pictures with your Mom, your Mom friends, anyone that has a child
  10. Camping activities

  1. Baseball games
  2. Father's Day photos
  3. Outdoor activities: games, picnics, evening walks
  4. Pictures with your Dad, your Dad friends, anyone that has a child
  5. Strawberries on the vine (could fall under May)
  6. Last day of school, high school graduation
  7. Flip flops (could also fall under January- December)
  8. A day at the beach
  9. Weddings- we all know June is the kick off of wedding season!
  10. A day at the zoo

  1. Farm fields
  2. Family reunions
  3. Fun in the sun!
  4. Ice cream or snow cones
  5. Watermelon ready to serve
  6. A boy holding a worm, bug or frog- lightening bugs would be awesome!
  7. Fourth of July celebrations
  8. Girls playing with a hula hoop, on a bike
  9. A day at the beach
  10. Concert or movie in the park

  1. Sprinkler fun
  2. A day at the beach
  3. Corn on the cob
  4. People on a bike ride
  5. NFL Preseason party- fantasy football drafts, games, etc.
  6. Pitcher of Lemonade
  7. Back to school shopping
  8. Sunset
  9. Fair, carnival
  10. Vacations or travels

  1. Football games
  2. Tailgating parties
  3. Fishing fun
  4. Fresh baked cookies
  5. Visits with grandparents
  6. First day of school happenings (could also fall under August)
  7. Apple picking
  8. A day at the beach
  9. Scenes from a car trip
  10. Playing in the rain, outside playing sports

  1. Scarecrows
  2. Corn Maze
  3. World Series party
  4. Pumpkins at night
  5. A day at the beach
  6. Haunted house
  7. Halloween costumes
  8. Apple cider, hot chocolate- fake that Fall!
  9. Hayrides
  10. Kids jumping in leaves, or on the trampoline since the leaves won't fall until December

  1. Baked pies
  2. Geese flying to your house to stay for the winter
  3. Family gatherings
  4. Thanksgiving events
  5. People preparing the family meal
  6. Other people "watching football" on Thanksgiving (falling asleep on the couch)
  7. Black Friday madness
  8. Thanksgiving left overs in the fridge
  9. A day at the beach
  10. Getting the Christmas decorations out

  1. A day at the beach- go ahead and get it out of the way since there is a lot to do in December
  2. Hockey games
  3. Canned food drive, community service
  4. Friends sharing a laugh
  5. Lighting of the Christmas tree or the Menorah
  6. Gifts being wrapped, then unwrapped, bags from the mall, holiday shopping
  7. New Year's Eve parties
  8. Holiday events- the table, nativity scene, Santa visits, cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, stockings
  9. Christmas carolers
  10. Family in PJs enjoying the only other cold evening of the year

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