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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Halloween Toes!

My little guy made this for Mommy today... How stinkin' cute?!

Closet Revamp

One shower curtain rod and two packs of plastic rings- $11

10 minutes in the closet with no vents- 1 lb. of sweat equity

Getting my purses organized and off the floor- priceless

Ikea Cabinet Door Overhaul

I will post the step by step later but I could not wait to get this up. I think it turned out awesome!

A friend and I were in Ikea pushing through the clearance section. We happened upon cabinet doors for $1. Neither of us needed to redo our cabinets but for $1 how could we pass it up?! A little spray paint, some sanding, hot glue, twine and clothespins is all it took to create this cute board!

Southern Charm Screen Door

E Twinted

N Twined

G Twined