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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Paper Lantern Up Cycle

 I was inspired by this blog: DIY Sculptural Paper Orb Lights

I will update with my step by step instructions soon!


Paint the yellow lantern.

 Allow the paint to dry. 
Place lantern on bowl to start working.

I used these awesome cupcake liners and flipped them inside out so the pretty side was showing.

Starting at the top of the lantern I used my hot glue gun to stick the cupcake liners down. Try to space them out so the tops touch but not so close that they are scrunched together. 

Next take the mini cupcake liners, dab a little hot glue, and stick them in the middle of the bigger cupcake liners.

Finish the whole ball.
I used an IKEA hanging light kit inside. 
Ta Da!

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