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Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

Fall is my the kick off of my favorite seasons! I love Fall, love Christmas, LOVE them!

This was a fun way to get into the season. 

You Will Need:
- At least three pumpkins (I used the fake ones from Michael's)
- Craft paint
- Stencil, stickers- anything you want to decorate
- Something to put the pumpkins on (I used my Christmas topiary from Garden Ridge)
- Razor, Exacto knife- something sharp
- Flathead screwdriver or drill with small bit

Lay out your design before you start cutting. 
Paint your words first, then do the cutting. 

HAPPY pumpkin, the topper- I painted the word HAPPY with a mixture of red, yellow and brown craft paint. It only took about 15 mins. for the paint to dry. Once it dried I cut out around the word HAPPY so the lights would shine through the pumpkin. I used the Exacto knife. Make sure you leave some of the words connected so the words don't cave in. Also carve gently so you don't push the whole side of the pumpkin in. 
Only cut out the bottom of the pumpkin so it will sit on top of your base.

FALL pumpkin, middle- I painted the word FALL with brown craft paint. I had two foam leaf stickers that I traced on the pumpkin. I cut those out with the Exacto knife then put the stickers on the pumpkin. You can use real leaves, fake leaves, etc. Use Modge Podge, regular or stick glue to apply those. Cut a hole in the bottom and the top of the pumpkin so it fits on the base. 

Y'ALL pumpkin, bottom- I painted the word Y'ALL with yellow craft paint. At first I used a screwdriver but the holes were not very big or noticeable. I used a drill with a small bit to make the holes more pronounced. Cut a hole in the top and the bottom of the pumpkin so it fits on the base- don't cut too big or your base will be wobbly. 

I stuck a ripped up brown paper between the pumpkins to cover the gaps. You can use straw also but the paper stays in place well. 

I used the fake pumpkins so I can bring this out year after year without having to do all the work. Enjoy!

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