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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wedding Paper Flower Wreath

Here it is, my newest round creation! I took the parchment paper hydrangeas we used for our wedding and finally put them to use as something more than a blob of dust collectors. This wreath was super easy and quick.

Here is the website that inspired my creation:

You Will Need:
10 hydrangeas
Hot glue gun
Wine vine wreath (I used a 14")
Wire cutters

Here are my hydrangeas. Mine are made of parchment paper and left over from our wedding. Cut the stem so it is about 3". Some of them that I didn't cut short enough I just wove the stem into the wreath.

Stick the flowers down in the wreath to determine how close they need to be.

Once you are happy with the way that your flowers look and your spacing/fullness of the wreath make sure the flowers are all fluffed out. Stick a little bit of hot glue on the stems (I did it from the underside of the wreath) so they won't shift as you are hanging the wreath.

And TA DA! There is your wreath!

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