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Monday, August 1, 2011

Post Office Debit Machine

Today I have to share my experience at the post office that has assured me that babies make pretty much everyone happy!

We were finally called up to the counter where there was one teller working. I always try to get out of there quickly because really, who wants to be at the post office any longer than they have to? I have Cooper on my hip, three people in line behind me, and I just need stamps. All of a sudden I hear the loudest giggle my son has ever owned. I look and he is laughing at the debit card machine on the counter. It became a scene- people coming from the back, stepping out of line just to catch a glimpse of Cooper. He was laughing so hard he was rolled into a ball, mouth wide open and droll just dripping on the floor. It seemed like time just stopped and we all decided to enjoy this moment.

Wish I had it on video but was a great feeling that my son brought a smile to every face in the lobby. Joy!

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