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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pom Poms Around Your Neck!

So of course this idea came from Pinterest- I am creative but I can't always come up with everything :D

I am a huge football fan but I am not a huge fan of the attire assigned to the ladies department when it comes to team spirit. I want to look cute, be comfy and cheer on my team! After holding onto a pair of plaid, Jacksonville Jaguar teal PJ pants my hubby ripped for about a year I figured out what to do with them- make them into a pom pom necklace of course!

I found the tutorial on this site:

1 felt square- try to get something close to the colors you are using
Cotton fabric in the color of your choice- I used two different materials
Necklace- I used a chain but you can use anything
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Unsharpened pencil (this saves my fingers time and again when working with hot glue)

Take the felt square and cut out five circles per necklace.
The circles should be at least 1".

Next take your cotton material and cut out LOTS of little circles.
Use your felt circle as a guideline and don't get too picky- the circles do not have to be perfect.

Take the fabric circles and pinch them together so that they are scrunched on one end.
Put a drop of hot glue on the end.

Put that end on one of the felt circles.
Now repeat what feels like 100 times until you are happy with the amount of material forming your pom pom.

 Eventually you will get to this point :D

Now take three of the flowers and place them on the felt.
Glue them down to the felt.

Next step is to glue the necklace to the back of the last two flowers.
Then glue the last two flowers down to the felt.

Cut out around the felt and you will have your Pom Pom Necklace!

I will post pictures of me wearing this on the town as soon as I go somewhere cool enough to wear it!

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