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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book Wreath

I have to admit that I am creative when I see other's ideas... I just don't always come up with my own. Here is a crafty notion I saw and loved. My first wreath. Made out of book pages. Only requires hot glue. Perfect!

Paper towels
Unsharpened pencil
Craft paint in the colors of your choice (I used brown and silver)
Wreath ring- foam (any size will do- I used 16")
Hot glue gun- don't forget the glue sticks
Book- mine came from the Dollar Store, just make sure the book is not too big or your wreath will stick way out from the wall :D

Put your paint on the paper towel and wipe on the outside of the book pages. I did all three sides. Use a darker color first then a lighter color if you choose to use multiples.

Here is the link from the page I used- I just threw in a few of my own tips:

Take the pages of the book and roll them loosely, form into an S shape or roll together like a scroll.

Put the hot glue onto the end of the pages that is torn from the spine of the book- make sure your painted sides are showing!

DO NOT flatten your pages anywhere but on the end you are gluing- you want them to be full and round.

Use the end of your unsharpened pencil to push your pages with the hot glue on them down onto the wreath. This will save you from lots of burns on your fingers.

The first layer of paper needs to go flat onto the wreath. This will become the back of the wreath.

Once you have completed that layer turn your wreath over and start gluing on the other side. Fold these flat on the ends you are gluing so the paper will cover the foam wreath and give your wreath some depth.

Once you have lined the wreath once around go in and plug in your holes with more pages. I used all three rolling techniques.

This is the skeleton version of mine. I am giving this as a housewarming gift to my in-laws.

Feel free to use a book that means something, follows a theme, or sheet music. You can make this very personal.

Please comment and let me know if you made any changes- I would also love to see if you attempt this!

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